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Реал Мадрид – Барселона 0-2 - Обзор Матча 27/04/2011 HD

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Реал Мадрид – Барселона 0-2 - Обзор Матча 27/04/2011 HD

Реал Мадрид – Барселона 0-2

Реал – Барселона 0-2

Реал Мадрид Барселона 0-2

Реал Барселона 0-2

Реал Мадрид 0-2 Барселона

Реал 0-2 Барселона

Реал Мадрид – Барселона 0-2 Обзор Матча

Реал – Барселона 0-2 Обзор Матча

Реал Мадрид Барселона 0-2 Обзор Матча

Реал Барселона 0-2 Обзор Матча

Реал Мадрид 0-2 Барселона Обзор Матча

Реал 0-2 Барселона Обзор Матча

Барселона 2-0 Реал Мадрид

Барселона 2-0 Реал

Барселона - Реал Мадрид 2-0

Барселона - Реал 2-0

Барселона Реал Мадрид 2-0

Барселона Реал 2-0

Барселона 2-0 Реал Мадрид Обзор Матча

Барселона 2-0 Реал Обзор Матча

Барселона - Реал Мадрид 2-0 Обзор Матча

Барселона - Реал 2-0 Обзор Матча

Барселона Реал Мадрид 2-0 Обзор Матча

Барселона Реал 2-0 Обзор Матча

Реал Мадрид



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We actually track the educators on keyboard of it with you he must be deferred a few bruises itself yet you have to chuckle okay Julie almost I hope there could be in trouble miss Geller or he's just wasted arms and for him imitating he blocking on the rear here.

The boss here is Method away from two three four wonderful wonderful wonderful how good is he and their supernatural goal for middle metic he has wriggled and ticks on his way to big gates at Wembley Stadium first player in the world bar none whilst there's a lot of players out there contempt with one nil keeping the ball keeping possession every time he's had it in the last 10 or 15 minutes he still wants more he's looking for more look at the pace look at the speed look at the inches therefore touch the controls and then the finish which is absolutely perfect fly ball past Casillas got no chance you can't get near him they want a trip in they want a foul in there tryna stop him you can't touch him you can't get in hearing what he's like that sensational goal by the way other hats right here pull it out in front the big ones for that this party's just here is rejected unstoppable time long vote for thank.

Heaven for little Betty and Audrey match beautify my football's greatest beautifier this is too late old one spectacular after Marino and his men have lost their rash in the new town next week the expectation will be that far to load up we'll go onto the Wembley European Cup five perfect relative nil Barcelona the glorious many to you

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