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Juventus 3-3 Parma | Gervinho Snatches Late Draw After Ronaldo Double | Serie A

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Parma's striker Gervinho double stuns Juventus | Serie A

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It's a warm welcome to live curvature in the Allianz Stadium in Turin from Joe spate and Sewer Robson for the meeting of leaders Juventus and Parma on matchday 22 so away we go there's cancer.

Though doctors cost it Estonia with the. Plot was the Brazilian again oh good pass Khedira got a shot in and.

Denied by the frame with a girl.

Khedira doctors Costa Sami Khedira betwee D feeding Ronaldo who lost his footing but still gets the goal Juventus lead hits him again Cristiano Ronaldo meter and 34 on Tuesday but.

There's no stopping you BAE's top scorer so Juventus with the one goal leaders by. Their Skeets in between II never Naoto.

It's got beyond the UH Capponi oh and it's kept at bay again it was Khedira who went in there spinner so but.

Still going what was buying glazy canach goes over there Mandzukic there to be it's happen and I was stretching and then turning for to Easter Egg Arne part.

Of their makeshift back for tonight when he scores goal number two for Juventus this evening Lavinia Scott so rather.

Bitch get well free head of here and it's to one and it came on its brother who are right on marks and Palmer are back in business here Mandzukic Renaldo just like that.

Juventus reassert their authority again. Cristiano Ronaldo with a header and he Aventis lead by three go so on.

It's cooker oh it's in now they're Parma have pulled one back once again this time to video don't write off Parma just yet it's batch of three two in there.

Palmer they've got the ball bin towards in clays II the angles very side the cutback was good it's an up three three it's true video.

Right at the death and Palmer maybe were pincher points inch arena water climax.

Aventis drop points in Syria for just the third time is season it is too light insuring for Palmer.


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