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Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD 60 FPS Full H

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Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5)

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008

Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008

Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD

Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD 60 FPS Full H

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD 60

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD 60 FPS Full H

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD 60 FPS Full H

Манчестер Юнайтед vs Chelsea 1-1 пен (6- 5) Лига Чемпионов Финал 2008 HD 60 FPS Full H

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Like a footballing Indiana Jones has seen this trophy as his holy grail Avram.

Grant well amazingly Chelsea started their Champions League campaign he wasn't the manager lugash mikkel like the turkeys go to patrol come from Slovakia.

And the pitch will be closely monitored but both camps making light of any potential difficulties neither manager is going to allow it to be an excuse.

Manchester United champions in every sense like follicle. Engage and open this game in a flash like Cristiano Ronaldo - hypo hard really long for brown turkey bird well put all Indians qualities and there are many I wondered if one of them was dealing with freshener and I'm party dealt with it in the near post area Russia has villager well old Joseph under who hasn't surrounded the referee look at them please dear he got post goes away goes with that.

Goes as well they'll certainly stop being touched up obviously with any blow to expose they'll be thinking back on that in here's Brown Ronaldo.

Ma 26 minutes there's 40 second goal of the season it's come against Chelsea let's come and the Champions League final you think Alex Ferguson choose justified go but and get to it and.

Thought with coming in live to see everything burned the stars looked a little edgy to me again a decision make this is paula top two vote the left to right over Patrice Evra here catch great ball is that a tight or got a goal that would have been it might here paper Carrick the check there again that would have been it's an easy clean all's would have the old angle equals what a break from the rate column of the box to the left corner of the other side has been battle trying to get back now Looney firing across the Tennessee state quite surprised that it got beyond makélelé well I use the word gamble all the terms in order to assess the gamble and I thought of it does that by Kelly Lima she says it just I get it in 1999 lamp r-13 an old friend.

From West Ham days at the yellow car for the 959 TCAP in tonight road enhancer guilty Claire created gap in that wall the ballot shooting at that level.

To higher level in the end the only thing in Manchester native chessboard affair so we'll change that here's F here oh and it might run here which is close typically by crack Lampard right on a half time Chelsea a level a gate the balance of the match that's what this game is all about and just the United you meet is maybe.

Michael Essien two big chances for Carlos Tevez one mil which was presented by Ronaldo's exquisite header his first career goal against Chelsea European setting eight Champions League matches against the Liverpool in recent season or to the rating at the end he's still going he's lost Ranallo completely we throw something up you watch this short i just crossing the goal line that area of the gaul watch van der Sar Lampard what's balance back post I never will miss the boat great hand of that by village watch the strike force this is that look at that look at why like Danny Anderson who fell act.

We've got a game here folks we really have a player I said alright when we've got I forget Ronaldo romantic Renaldo beautifully par38 the.

Way to Manchester United to strike back through I get Ian do what he's not so comfortable I'll call Kai leave it again this painting.

Carrie putting energy lofty phallus home Ilona and Ferdinand turns away lavash Mikkel made a move to him drugged.

Her lost his footing and their chairs hard hit the frame of the goal the cup final spreader of Ferdinand lost his footing he's trying to get back into a jog but from Malouda and Chelsea were very nelly and again in the story of this second period just wonder the finish get anything on this three separate Ronaldo first of all what of.

All Ryan Giggs moment of glory because.

This could not be put in a better position through March they actually call because he attacked on Manchester United there goes the whistle the goals came in the first half from Cristiano renowned in the referees not going away for the substitution speed Clark got a bit more time to talk to Kalu yep run of it against the hard roof Ballack Lampard turns hit the bar Jojo.

Then every competitor melba come any closer at the ends there again on the gallop. Well a wonderful one touch and hit from Michael Essien but I mean it but Kahlua again that where's blown just rolls up beautifully the unease away also now though ever at a storming run here Oh Sean cherry off alone George Terry what what a beauty defended Ryan case can't believe it I thought think he's quite hatchet the we intended range it and then I have another one here has changed his direction so well how value this wasn't.

A chance but had courses collude to get non hiddenness some.

It is drug but we did go that's short aside I thought she had to understand Josie's.

Argument here I'm really daughter we know it's going to be the third to hear by the finest of Marge's another could get out of hand neither set of pliers. Want to let go.

When it red for Drogba is Ronaldo.

There's still time to school.

It goes to penalties 1 1 after 90.

Minutes and 1-1 after extra time it's down to pen attack and Edwin van der Sar will and he sends better check the wrong what he what was Chelsea's first penalty and thought it was going and start again here who won Manchester United and with the greatest respect to the Community Shield were on a different planet connect. Juliano Belletti and everyone the world.

Is watching.

Jimmy and check aside from another of all people I told you that's all pressure penalties before answered and scored and he thrilled to thrive and Chelsea Hargreaves picked it.

Up and over check against an der Sar we've got him jump to his intimately less experienced nanny peak Manchester United in it Celtic who has felt the pain at the semi-final defeats in the Champions League for Chelsea has the chance to win the Champions League for Chelsea and is the chart that has parking by and the agony is there again watch him slip Martin I think the standard fit goes for a regulation goal for Manchester United for the Rams Manchester United bakit hello hold his.

Nerve and hope he hosts a lot more accurate here in Moscow tonight here. What would you handle you didn't look.

Happy coming forward Anelka and he got happy now because it's red in Russia this English night in Europe is Manchester United tonight yes in the Premier League their best of the Champions League thanks to Edwin van der Sar save Ronaldo's had a reprieve and Manchester. United joy is unconfined they've left Chelsea in second place yet again.

They've been driven on by memories of Munich fifty years ago a celebration of the 40th anniversary of England's first European Cup win it all seemed there for.

John Terry with a swing of his right foot

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