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Barcelona's score with two minutes.

It's with Neymar Suarez is in the box Leonor meshy is there to as Neymar claims that the ball is he tried to flick the ball into warts Messi his first Champions League appearance at the season 2 the first leg away by a shoulder it's messy for Barcelona.

And Shaq watches it go over the top there's a massive wall put in front of little messy first half far more of it there number 11 Neymar and why did the Tomsk.

He's gonna go a lot of the ball left that I've named are here to three to a map inside the penalty area has any Esther. It's well worth having a go with any step when it comes out to knock attached poor ball and he Esther couldn't get there Lucas was able to Iniesta so good at. Picking the lock and continues his Jill Thomas media he just over hid the past there in the Esther short it was sloppy it was poor and can Barcelona make them pay correct Suarez means to shave 20 MS a yard or so further forward and he Esther lets it run then tries to chase down a martini also.

At Barcelona for the second time in the first half foster ball.

Jeez comes its way as far as some TT and.

There goes the heart I'd whistle thank you so much in Germany German officiating team Paris Angela in there Chester ahead of it they Mar on the near side all lovely little flare down he goes and no the referee is not going to give a penalty there and Barcelona can't believe it. Well I think it's to give a penalty here I'm just having words now with the assistant behind the girl you know the additional assistant behind me it's messy for Barcelona.

Stunning start to the second half and it's unraveling for Paris Angemon they're in big trouble leaning back concave ammonia he's away from the percerin Cavani almost with what would have been a vital away goal first real glimpse of gold that kobani is hard and he nearly made when it comes between he goes for it Kabaddi it was bouncing around there as though in a pinball machine came off mats really last givanni hit it into a really good area.

Looking for and suddenly they're feeling a whole lot better about themselves.

And four and a half thousand tourism finding Draxler into kobani come on ease away from us tomorrow forward a fight will save there by dish Meghan much better play from PSG now to lunar really if they want to go through in this tight but here they come and it's hard at around and it's cleared away looking for Suarez and he goes. Under pressure from karate and gets a yellow card for simulation where he just tries to dangle his leg out there and wait for the contact there as he did it.

Involved in this season they mark with.

An untimely slip goal scorer at Cavani trying to win a free-kick might pay for it to messy still going right across the face of the goal they can't afford to give the bull away in those sort of areas givanni with that on that right-hand side and it comes pk's up there and as.

The ball comes back in just over to the roof of the net the flag has gone up over on the far side pique I think the playoffs I and as soon as he challenged the goalkeeper the assistance flag went up on that little thick there from kobani finding DeMaria those two combined really well since dear Maria arrived onto the pitch he's claiming a handball again show our PK there but in the spoonful a karate looking to get in behind master on oh here comes an LD Maria he's got some support it goes fingers trying to get involved PK's up in the penalty area up near Suarez and Neymar lie now watch Neymar.

Got up his sleeve here oh he's got something really special officially. The Barcelona so long the night so five on aggregate.

Neymar makes the run it's for tourists and inside the penalty penalty kick I think for Barcelona and.

It is going to be a yellow card as well for martini oz name are against trap.

Pitch pressure now on the Perry Sancho man defense its name are trying to feed it.

Oxygen is the greatest.

What's applause from name laughter invite the rope decision by coming back up to his level TSG started to squeezer and it's the substitute

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