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Other than this is why the concern.

Before the film happy belated petition. Suggested you off nemesis or tea in his name are tries to go under the wall it's deflected behind for a corner full of minutes which nearly surprised color yachts and the goalkeeper the could be in here the a be snatching of that opportunity just a little bit damar munier tempted ball eagle in the second division de maria into the box at Hilda Barea on his weaker right foot the efforts sailing over the bar.

Well nice buildup play on the edge of the box it's the long throw into the Paris penalty box here the header but Aram got silence that partly pricier cuckoo at the back poles got alcalde Maria excited T Maria trying to come.

Beautifully flighted ball towards out guilty Maria but rapport she able to head it behind do you looking for a map a imp at me trying to think of Anakin half it was not the great performance in the first 45 minutes and Cavani with his first involvement within a minute of coming on and finally who could taking. You on Fermat's and flashing that ball across the face of goal and forcing out false re all at us continuing on his own here he's gone tired of the penalties give it a little bit blast seems to be running into a dead end surrounded by paris players in the box.

The away side in front here and he's put it high and wide it is a huge let off for the cup holders in opposition in the other domestic Cup competition but it's a big miss for Marcus to wrap and less than two minutes later Neymar has punished him he's punished dangled there is the breakthrough Gaul it could and should really have come at the other end open up a bit more Neymar - Cavani nearly fell forgiven Diaby Cavani. Wannabes from Edinson Cavani.

To nil and it would have been game over.

Another appeal for a penalty they've got another penalty well then. Well big protests can he beat Alphonse Arriola yes he can it was on target this time he sent Arianna the wrong way and it's 1 1 and maybe Perry Sancho Mayans long long winning run in cup competitions Marcus.

Turan into the penalty box is another penalty for the third time in the second half.

Gong-gong look likely to be holding on but they could win it here to wrap he scored it Harry Allah got a touch I think a lot of the Paris fan started kept it out

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