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Manchester United vs Chelsea 1-1 (pen 6-5) - UCL Final 2008 - Highlights (English Commentary)

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Well amazingly Chelsea started their Champions League campaign he wasn't the manager leave us Mikkel like the turf he's going to patrol comes from Slovakia.

And the pitch will be closely monitored both camps making light of any potential difficulties neither manager is going to allow it to be an excuse.

Manchester United champions in every sense by qualified in a flash like Cristiano Ronaldo. - hi for Hargrove's it's just too long for brown to keep it well put all this here Lampard who dealt with it in the near post area plus your heads up.

While Chelsea fans and players have surrounded the referee look what is there it but how post goes away that skulls as well snow certainly stop.

Punched up obviously with any blow to his face they'll be thinking back on that in his brow Renaldo.

In 26 minute there's 40 second goal of the season it's come against Chelsea it's coming in the Champions League final to thank Alex Ferguson who's justified the way he started a positive system because of Wade left midfield player come.

But and gets to it was coming in. We'll have to see they've been banned the sounds look a little edgy to me again a decision make this is a spoiler top two vote the left to right over Patricia Wright ball into tech ice or water going what it might get a four-carat the checks out again that would have been the Japanese League finals one of the old tangley called water break from the rate corner of the box to the left corner of the other side we've been back we're trying to get back now Rooney fire lacrosse return items take by surprise that it got built makélelé well I use the word gamble all the time you know that it's a very sassy gamble and I thought of it does that McAleer Lima she says it just so I did it in 1999 his lamp ah that's a 39 old friends from the Westham days it's for the Manchester United captain tonight in answer she player create a gap in that wall for balance I wasn't shooting at that level. Too high a level in the end the only thing in Manchester nice border fair though was changed out here's Sen oh and it might run here which is poach typically by Frank Lampard rider on a half-time Chelsea and level against the balance of the match now as what this game is all about fall to the right again he's still going he's lost Renaldo completely I'm a toss-up mountain you watch this short as it's crossing the goal line that area of the goal watch van der Sar Lampard watch ballot back post on ever all the best remote great hand of that by village watch the spike force this is that look at that look at by like Nani Anderson this is balik.

We've got a game here folks we really have appeared I said all right when we've got it I forget Renaldo poletik ronaldo beautifully passed Sen away from Manchester United to strike back do my guess you can do what he's not so comfortable I'll call Kerry to leave it again this timing.

Terry putting it in as he lost his balance oh my lo de and 39 turns away and loo.

Gosh Mikkel made a move up to him as drukpah lost his footing and their church hard hits the frame of the goal the Cup final special Oh Ferdinand lost his footing he's trying to get back into our drug but from the loader and Chelsea were very nearly and again between the story of this second period just wondering a finish get anything on this three severa Renaldo what a bowl what a ball ryan giggs moment of glory because this could not be put in a better position Phil March they actually call because he attacked from Manchester United there goes the whistle the goals came in the first half from Cristiano renowned 11 the referees not gonna wait for the substitution Steve Clark got a bit more time to talk to Kalu yeah Hargreaves balik Lampard turns hits the bar Jacko.

Well then elevators and infidels to come any closer se ends there again on the gallop. Well I wonder one touch and hit from Michael Essien but I mean it but color again that wears blown just rolls are beautifully the undies away all those for now though ever it's a storming run here John cherry off alone John Terry what what a piece of defended Ryan Giggs can't believe it I don't think he's quite hectic the way intended Reagan they might have another one here Tevez change his direction so well.

Cavalia those wasn't the chance but had courses collude to get none into this.

It is drug but we did go a shorter side I thought she had to understand chill.

She's argument here I'm really don't know we know it's going to be decided here by the finest of margins and now this could get out of hand neither set of pliers want to let go.

When it's read Petrova. Here's Ronaldo there's still time and whose goals it goes to penalties one.

One after 90 minutes and 1-1 after extra time it's down to pet a check and Edwin van der Sar and will and he sends tighter check the wrong one good luck boys Chelsea's first penalty and the sour God it was going. And start again here to one Manchester United and with the greatest of respect to the Community Shield we're on a different planet tonight. Juliano Belletti and every once. The world is watching.

Shimmy and check aside for another of all people I told you that took Russia penalties before answered and scored and he drills this one in and Chelsea Hargreaves.

Gets it up and over check the game's founder sir it got in just Jewish infinitely less experienced nanny keeps Manchester United in it Chelsea who has felt the pain of the semi-final defeats in the Champions League for Chelsea has the chance to win the Champions League for Chelsea and there's a chance that has passed him by and the agony is there again watching schlep Martin order a. Regulation goal for Manchester United but he rounds Manchester United bracket.

Hello Howell's his nerve and holes he hopes a lot more accurate here in Moscow tonight he is but what do I know you didn't look happy coming forward Anelka and he's not happy now because it's red in russia this english night in Europe is Manchester United tonight best in the Premier League their best of the Champions League thank to Edwin van der Sar save Ronaldo's had a reprieve manchester. United's joy is unconfined they've left.

Chelsea in second place yet again.

They've been driven on by memories of Munich fifty years ago a celebration of the 40th anniversary of England's first European Cup win it all seemed there for.

John Terry with a swing of his right foot

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