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Juventus 3-1 Cagliari | Juve Secure 10th Win of the Season | Serie A

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Juventus weren't at their best but secured their 10th win of the season thanks to an early Paulo Dybala goal, an own-goal from Filip Bradarić and a late Juan Cuadrado strike assisted by Cristiano Ronaldo

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Good evening Sethi at the far end a very warm welcome from Thomas Lawrence to the Alliant stadium in the week that they celebrate their one hundred and twenty first anniversary the champions go head-to-head tonight with mid-table Calgary and we're underway. Juventus were playing from left to right.

In ten court dibala as the flag stayed down it has still dibala twisty and turny can you finish oh that's a dream start for the event us and there's no lapses in. Concentration this week from the Bianconeri last week they found themselves trailing a temple a this week they flex their muscles.

Need some concern up thanks to the flexion pub on empty how did shares they keep that one out a miraculous save from the Poland international Serna second bite at the cherry whipped in jab hedral brings it down with a strike and a fabulous equalizer from the Brazilian and you can't say Kennedy don't deserve it it's a fine reaction from the Islanders many teams would have wilted and Ronaldo get.

Them out of trouble Nicolas Kloster.

Towards the byline teasing ball and its own goal Phillip Broderick turns it into.

His own net the cross came from Douglas Costa had gone across to the left flank to cause problems for Cara Lee and he's done just that you've a edge back in front and Cara Lee after all their hard work have to start again Douglas Costa.

Now space is opening up in front of him still going to coulis Costa fine vision for an alder can he finish this off Rinaldo off the post.

We had an action-packed first half what does that second half have in store he's.

A cannon you got any caught in possession by dad or can he capitalize rolls it across for an elder to seal the victory.

He's a cannon clan you're combining to deny Cristiano Ronaldo and keep calorie in the contest.

Now cuz Sal back to jail pay that off now she got any and it's still there can Kali refinish purple let T it's a real scramble there in the penalty area and now you be on the counter-attack.

Christiano Ronaldo one-on-one with panic or Rose it through to cuadrado game set.

And match.

And there it is there goes the full time whistle you Vaes relentless march towards the title goes on

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