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Milan 0-2 Juventus | Ronaldo And Mandžukić Stun San Siro | Serie A

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Cristiano Ronaldo seals Juventus win at San Siro | Serie A

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Hello from Tony Dirigo and me Steve dan yardas who Ventus come to the juice epi my answer to face me man - legendary clubs who have sipped from the goblet of triumph more than any other clubs in Italian football history so we're underway.

Shh - Darla and Matt Tweety - Alexandra.

Well great late Graco Mandzukic back in. Business for UV it's a brilliant header absolutely fantastic and water ball in Mandzukic she pulls out to that fast stick well he's had a rest he's come back suddenly mentally and physically he is ready for this game.

After that summer he certainly needs a rest now and then and he's in the middle of well they kept in at bay quite how we. Shall soon see well I think it's fortunate its Rahm and Yoli this time so so looking to counter quickly he has the pace he's away from Mandzukic she gleams in there they're appealing for handball cassia who takes over but the rats already bone and given the ball new vase wait it's given it for a free kick on benattia after the event they think it's a penalty kick and hand bolt they talk about ball to hand as he moved his hand towards the ball he comes the verdict penalty here he is justly onto the post.

What drama.

Well it's safe it Wayne looks across and. Actually was a decent penalty I still think it was airing in the bottom corner but Chesley vital touch.

And here's dibala done a rumor once.

Again at full stretch kc8 big Wayne now.

Rodriguez striding forward purposefully not without the potency.

Trout can shallow.

His moment their moment the president. Celebrates up in the stands as his prized acquisition maybe puts this out of being hands reach well that vital second goal has come.

As many Bonacci who's gone down and he's. Absolutely livid but it's more frustrating trouble talked himself into a red he is literally seeing red he is inflamed and that's it another.

Challenger is put to the Aventa sword.


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