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Frosinone 0-2 Juventus | Late Ronaldo & Bernardeschi Goals In Fifth Straight Juve Win | Serie A

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Frosinone held on for 80 minutes before a scrappy Ronaldo goal gave Juve the lead. Bernardeschi then sealed the points in injury time.

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Welcome to the Stadio bonito stirpe in frozen oni for a match between the haves and the have-nots both in terms of resources and in terms of points it's frozen Oni against your vendors in week 5 of the 2018-19 Syria campaign.

Morini defending mob handedly as you would expect so many bodies back behind the ball but Mandzukic still try to make something happen Andra now those effort is cleared off the line goalkeeper took enough of the pace off the shot and Capuano could do the rest listen singers delete that might just lift them he realizes he cooled on a.

Little bit better and we expect that to nestle in the back of the net when it falls to him didn't get all of it did he on his left foot it's a decent fingertip say but it's a great defending here.

Well back he said to Ward's Alexandro now they're coming around the back molinaro's header caused all kinds of problems for sports yellow does it thinking man and heady just heading backwards and out not back into your own area the lines have been good as well.

They have more or less got five at the back when you have got it and these and three drop into midfield make it really difficult crowd OHS ball in golden eager only as far as Ronaldo good say sports yet. Ronaldo ruler versus the rest of the mount is now all attempts have come from him at the moment.

Now Alexandra.

Somehow emerges with possession burnin deskey ronaldo tried to turn back he'll improvise nothing's coming off for him nothing wrong with the improvisation there that's what you do your tricks and how many times we've seen him back here lid to the back of the net.

Sell them all in the way he's an opportunities it just threatened to open up Renaldo well it's taken I'm 81.

Minutes but finally the champions have a way through frustrated by frozen Olli and it's taking the late stride from Cristiano Ronaldo to set them up for a fifth straight league we're in the beginning of the season.

Some parlors past then - Priestley wasn't the best either and here comes the counter-attack you've a looking to set the seal with a second goal but it was a poor pass from Ronaldo also poor attempt at clearance from Capuano Bernard s ki soo now.

The points are safe and your vendors have got the job done but the Eternals scoreline doesn't begin to tell the story frozen only so gain and gallant but ultimately moreno long goes men are beaten another defeat another defeat without a goal and another win for you've a 5 out of 5 for them.

Five victories out of five to start the season yet again for your vendors a seventh win in a row

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