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He's himself in great shape makélélé such top players opened up here could say file aim there was a good height for him from grooving little red eye skill did really well till birth so try to not get back inside kill class I could hit them pauses are save ad as Sanchez and the boys scrambled away the cannister a powerful run into the box ball falls beautifully for him here on the folly strikes it really nicely overcomes the corner to cook caught a free head of a Sukkah and it was going into his headed off the line his options feed on a ball out to more en tez always inside his man is opened up for mori enters first firewall shot takes a deflection off winter Berlin is out for a corner eze marble OA 2 flex away but into the.

Hands of yen's layman again intercession for Real Madrid Raul's in a nice touch did really well that's just wide class play again from Raul frost comes Fernando sounds but a scurvy attack. Looking for options pulls it back was it's gay got white we'd opened up the Thomas was in ski but is shot those agonizingly past the post Perez looking for the run of Aliotti air he's away he is away it's.

Ali Ali I would say very good save by petrol Contreras it's not much to do and it's going to be robert pirès up against petrol contra has first to go as the music dies down here he goes Robert Perez and he's saying this Contreras the wrong way and he salutes the crowd that's a quality sport kick so.

It's s on Rico Velasco then to restore parity in the penalty shootout. Very calm cool and collected goes up to yen's Laban and it's one one that is.

What you call a penalty top corner pick that one out you don't say there.

And it saved a couple of dummies didn't work yes I even read it well Matthew. Upson thence give a still a commanding lead at the shootout that's a good penalty but his patrollers went the right way ups and though sense it right in the corner here had just that had a freely who's just gonna leather that one he needs to tuck this away to get around between a chance that's what you call very very cool right in the corner almost slow-motion Cheramie alley are.

The air down the middle Pascal or on the.

Verge the legends of a famous win here Yvonne Campo then must score and he does.

Raven goes the wrong way good penalty Real Madrid Legends are hanging in there here cool cookie don't camp oh all right.

Layman is told around here I think Tomas Rosicky wanted it Thomas risky's being sent away by yen's Lima this is so yen's layman right is pretty self under pressure here yen Simon to win the legends match for Arsenal was there ever any doubt.


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